Sad State Of Private Schools Of Pakistan

Sad State Of Private Schools Of Pakistan |

It is disillusioning to see the worsening state of the educational institutes of Pakistan; especially the private schools with regard to provision of employees’ rights, and benefits.

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Jinnah’s 139th Birthday: Sayings Of Some Great Personalities

Jinnah's 139th Birthday: Sayings Of Some Great Personalities |

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was one of the greatest leader of last Century and the founder of Pakistan. Only because of that Muslims of Subcontinent should be able to live with freedom without fear of Hindu Majority and follow their religion freely. Today the whole nation is celebrating his 139th birthday with full of honour. 

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Keep on shopping in an e-world

    Sara looked at her watch and decided to end the haggle. “Here’s the Rs 1,000 you wanted!” she slammed the money on the counter, grabbed the bag and shot straight out. “What’s left?” she wondered while snaking through the evening crowd thronging Lahore’s busy Liberty Market, a shrine for the city’s female shoppers. Blaring horns greeted her as ...

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Impact Of Interactions On Life

Impact Of Interactions On Life |

The belief that there is meaning behind every interaction in life makes us always kind and patient with its deep awareness. People we meet, books we read, and events around us, all effect on our mind and soul in a vast number of ways. Every person we meet, no matter how long stays in our lives, has something to develop ...

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The Celebrated Daredevil

The Celebrated Daredevil |

Having bestowed with tags like the libertarian’s hero, whistle blower, traitor, etc; both revered and notoriously known, Edward J. Snowden alleged of leaking top secret intelligence information of pervasive surveillance i.e. NSA’s signal intelligence agenda.

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Zameen launches Windows app

Zameen, Pakistan’s largest real estate website, has launched its Windows App for both phones and desktops. With this significant move, Zameen is now available across all major technological platforms.

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Preventing Paris Type Terrorist Attacks By Reducing Stress

Preventing Paris Type Terrorist Attacks By Reducing Stress |

The military of any country can prevent terrorism by deploying a proven, advanced human resource-based military technology. Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) is a statistically-validated approach.

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Few Simple Ways To Impress Pakistani Mother-in-laws

Family is always important for us, and in-laws play a very important role.Pakistani  mother-in-laws are sweet and salty as the same time, here are few tricks to keep them impressed, always.

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Chit Chat With Bilal Farrukh, Country Lead for LINE Pakistan

LINE is one of the popular application among smartphone users in various countries including Pakistan. We discussed many things including what is it and how it’s unique than other available options with Bilal Faruukh, You can read it below.

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Zameen, Pakistan’s premier property website, has launched a full-blown TV campaign on all major television networks featuring two highly engaging 40-second commercials that highlight the online buying and renting processes. This campaign marks the first time that a Pakistani property portal has expanded its marketing strategy to such an extent.

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