Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts

Pakistani All-Time Favourite Desserts|

Indeed, to live a happy life, a little sweetness is required. Pakistanis have a happening life that is full of celebrations and festivals. Whether it’s a wedding in the family, Eid or some other festival or celebration, there’s always a big hearty serving of traditional desserts and sweets.

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Interesting Cultural Facts About Pakistan

As E.B Taylor said, “Culture is a complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, customs and all other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of a society.” Every great nation enjoys its own culture. Similarly, Pakistani culture is very distinct due to its Islamic nature and rich historical background. Pakistan’s culture is very diverse. This stems ...

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Pakistan’s Silent Media’s Instrumental Role

Pakistan's Silent Media's Instrumental Role|

IMAGINE what it takes to be responsible for the news or editorial side, or for that matter, marketing or advertising side of a newspaper! See time-squeezing and tension-reflecting figure of an overtaxed News In-charge or a cowed marketing executive facing scary proprietor with ads backfiring. It needs to deviate from the straight and narrow and discover some simple, subdued and ...

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Beware! What Women Say Is Not What They Actually Mean

Be Aware! What Women Say Is Not What They Actually Mean|

Woman’s personality is so complex that even many of the great philosophers tried to understand them from different logics but they also remain unaware of many aspects of her personality. Listening to a woman speak is exactly like witnessing an illusionary act by a magician.

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Lets Pay Homage To The World’s Greatest Dramatist !

Lets Pay Homage To The World's Greatest Dramatist ! |

Some people are destined to live forever. Through their work and intellect they acquire immortality and their legacy never dies. Such people are rare but they are there. There spell enchant people of all times and all ages. Just like John Keats in his poem refers to the immortality of the poets and artists:

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Dear Folks, Wit Is Overrated!

Wit does not consist in saying nice, wise things among nasty, foolish things but in saying nasty, foolish things amidst nice, so-called wise things. You are being witty when you say that walking in snow pleases you to the people who would rather like to wisely stay indoors.

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“Green” Is Not Some Thing We Can Buy

"Green" Is Not Some Thing You Can Buy |

Today, April 22 world is celebrating 45th earth day with the aim of drawing together peoples of all nations, cultures, and religions to advance peace, justice, and earth care.

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Five Heart Touching Names Of Pakistani Drama

Five Heart Touching Names Of Pakistani Drama|

Pakistani Dramas have always been famous for not only providing quality entertainment but also for depicting social evils and with that some great writers and producers are investing themselves whole-heartedly in making dramas about people and issues. All over the world Pakistani drama serials have always been popular and much liked.

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Lets Tribute Immanuel Kant On His Birthday !

Lets Tribute Immanuel Kant On His Birthday ! |

Immanuel Kant was one of the greatest thinkers of all times. He was born on April 22, 1724 in Königsberg, Germany.

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Revision Of CSS Syllabi: A Majestic Folly Or A Wise Step ?

Revision Of CSS Syllabi: A Majestic Folly Or A Wise Step ? |

Students’ fear of examiners’ hostility—both in setting and in checking their papers—is universal, but students’ fear of examiner’s follies are specific to Pakistan.

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