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You have a brand, product or a cause and want to reach Pakistanis, living in urban and rural areas of the country? Male and females? Belongs to different SEC from trend setters to trends followers,  here is the largest virtual community of Pakistanis, here is PakistanTribe (PT).

As a fastest growing independent news website in Pakistan, we offer latest news, unique and original opinion & blogs to its visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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Impressions Based Advertising Tariff

Per Thousand Impression Home Page Amount in U.S. $ Rest of the Site (ROS)Amount in U.S. $
Sizes Leader-board 728×90 Sky Scraper 300×600 MRECK 336×280(Below) Sky Scraper 300×600 Leader-board 728×90 MREC            336×280(Below)
Per Thousand Impression $3 $4 $3 $4 $3 $3
Per Thousand Impression (For more than million impression ‘s buyer) $2.5 $3.0 $2.5 $3.0 $2.5 $2.5



Premium Advertising Tariff

Advertising Types

Home Page & ROS

Amount in U.S. $

Page Branding $1500 per month
Road Block $ 200 Per Day
Interstitials $ 125 Per Day
Cat Fish $ 150 Per Day