One Life Threatening Thing You Should Be Careful for Fat Loss and Fitness

dieting for fat and weight loss harmfulWASHINGTON – Experts have said that diets never help you lose fat and keep it off while putting aside hazardous side effects of dieting or avoiding food. 

Diets can help you lose weight (not necessarily FAT) in he short-term, but they’re not at all effective for keeping the weight off permanently, Chad Tackett, expert on exercise and nutrition, said.

One could ask, Why?

Because they teach you very little about the right foods to eat, when to eat them, and how much – specifically
for you.

“I have seen the worst effects of dieting, when a relative lady of mine had to abort her child due to malnutrition caused by her dieting just before her marriage,” a lady told Pakistan Tribe.

After losing her child, she got depressed and got realized that diet was not the solution to keep slim.

According Chad, you might lose a little weight, but it won’t likely be fat.

“Instead, you’ll lose muscle and water, which can pose BIG health risks. At the very least your diet will ruin your metabolism – making it nearly impossible to lose fat in the future.”

There is another great danger in diet in short term.

“Instead of learning effective strategies for results you can enjoy long-term, you’re left feeling even more frustrated and discouraged,” Chad further revealed.

The only solution is a good combination of developing mindset for fitness, eating healthy, lifestyle, and workouts which starts with these three initial mind and eating habits.

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