Now You Don’t Need To Type Message on Twitter



Twitter is an social site and micro blogging website which allows its users to interact with one another,users receive tweets,tweets are actually the text messages up to some range.
But now Twitter unveiled an amazing feature which let you message other users directly via video.Now you don’t need to type your message !
This feature is named as Twitter’s Vine.

Sending a video message is so easy.
For creating a video message,you just have to  Tape On the message section,Record your video and send it off.
The most convenient thing regarding Vine is that you can send Vine messages directly to anyone in your address book, regardless of whether they have Vine or not.
You can send to multiple recipients, but all of the conversations are one-to-one — much like competing messaging app Snapchat. If you send to multiple people, you’ll get separate threads for each one.

Twitter said, “Vine messages are available to all users”
It means having an account on Twitter is enough for using this feature.
And obviously it goes hand in hand with Twitter’s renewed interest in its direct messaging channel !

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