Musharraf’s application and Nawaz Sharif’s Planning

Musharraf's application nd Nawaz Shareef's Planning | PakistanTribeAtlast the government gave its verdict.Government of Pakistan has rejected General (r) Pervez Musharraf’s application for removal of his name from the Exit Control List (ECL) today.

Rather it would not be wrong to say that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef has rejected the application.

Yesterday the court gave its decision.A decision that was a very surprising one indeed.It was expected that the court will simply remove Pervez Musharraf’s name from the Exit Control List on humantarian basis and Pervez Musharraf will leave the country in the very same night.No doubt it was the expectation and to make it possible a chartered plane was booked which arrived in Pakistan.

But Pervez Musharraf and Army including Army Chief and DG ISI were also surprised when the verdict  was given in which the Federal Government was given the power to decide the future of Pervez Musharraf.

The Ball was in Nawaz Shareef’s court. From the lenient behavior of Barrister Shiekh Akram with Pervez Musharraf in the court and informal salutations,people concluded that the government had already decided to give relief to Pervez Musharraf.Usually the government prosecutor does not go to the accused for such salutations and it was the move of Sheikh Akram that rose such hope.

Even the people who are very near to Pervez Musharraf  say that he had made his mind to leave the country  yesterday.But the refusal of government to remove his name from ECL has aggravated the situation.

In Army Chief and DG ISI ‘s last personal meeting  with Nawaz Shareef,both had given a very clear message to Prime Minister.The message said that army don’t want Musharraf to stay in this country.Indirectly Prime Minister was asked to remove Musharraf’s name from ECL.

Now the name of Pervez Musharraf will stay in the List and he will not be allowed to leave the country.The present situation is very difficult for Nawaz Shareef at the moment.Army is against Nawaz Shareef once again and the there is a rage against this government  starting from the very root level.

The actual thing is the planning of Nawaz Shareef in this whole scenario.The whole Politics of the present government is depending on this case now.Some people are even of the view that Nawaz Shareef wants to take personal revenge.People think that Nawaz Shareef wants to repeat  the history.Nawaz Shreef wants to do the same with Pervez Musharraf what Musharraf had done with him after 12 October. Nawaz Shareef wants Musharraf to be declared traitor and handcuffed in the same way in which once Nawaz Shareef was.After that it have been planned that the government will issue a ‘’National Reconciliation Order’’  and Pervez Musharraf will be sent abroad.

But the ground realities are totally different. Nawaz Shareef was a politician and Pervez Musharraf is an Ex-army Chief.Army will never let any such thing happen to its Ex-Boss.The pressure of foreign powers is also an obstacle in the way of this plan.

And even within PML N there is a majority that wants to give safe passage to Pervez Musharraf.This group comprises of all such people who once used to be the part of PML Q. The formation of an opposition group within PML N has pressurized Prime Minister to change his decision.But at the end it is the Prime Minister who will decide.!!!!!!

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