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London : If you are suffering from obesity and want to reduce body weight, then specific meal time is an important thing , a survey based study has shown.

A U.K. firm Forza supplements’s survey found that time of food intake is more important for reducing body weight .

The study noted that if people want to reduce their body weight, then 7:11 Am in the morning is the best time for breakfast , 12:38 pm in the afternoon for lunch and 6:14 pm for dinner is ideal time.

According to research 84% of people believed that most important tool for obesity prevention is eating in certain times.

76 percent think that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, because it helps to cut calories later in the day .

The study further noted that , skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner was more harmful to health and made it difficult to losing weight because most people get hungry later and consume more junk food and gain weight .

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