Imran Khan – A demagogue!

Imran Khan - A demagogue! | PakistanTribePakistan is not only an over populated but also an over politicized country, where as many as 236 political parties are registered.

But except some notables ones most of these political parties are unknown to be the public, same was the case with PTI, which was created good 15 years ago.

In his early days of politics Imran Khan tried his heart out to cash his Cricket successes in the political arena but failed miserably, in his desperation for power he also supported Musharraf’s referendum, but when Musharraf overturned Imran’s wish to become Prime Minister of Pakistan, disheartened Imran left to live with his in-laws in London.

Only to come back with a new agenda of reviving the politically dead PTI and out of the blue the PTI started to stage massive public gatherings and spent about Rs645 million on advertising and marketing to get on the chart of ‘TOP POLITICAL PARTIES OF PAKISTAN.’

If I say that whatever mandate PTI got in the general elections last year was solely because of Imran Khan’s firm and clear stand against the corruption, it wouldn’t be wrong. The educated and privileged youth of the country went to support Imran only because of the promises he made, during his election campaign. The words he used to attract the youth of Pakistan were ‘Tsunami’ and ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Referring to my old blog (Self Destructive Tsunami), which I had written just after a week of general elections 2013. Attitude and the behavior of PTI workers after their worst defeat in GE13 were unbelievable, they were bashing, abusing, blaming and implicate the opponents for rigging. PTI seemed to be competing with itself for setting new lows of indecency and immorality in politics.

PTI, allies formed their government in KPK with the promises of Khan to end corruption in 19 days and terrorism in 90 days and local body election in 90 days as well,  contrary to this, a number of corruption cases have surfaced in the dominion of the same party, even their own party workers were involved in the corruption.

After that PTI worker from the United States, Mehboob Aslam claimed that he had raised funds for the party worth of 3 million USD from 2008 to 2013, whilst he had not been informed about this sum despite of asking. The list of corruptions continues but the 3 million USD corruption scandal jolted the roots of PTI and placed a big question mark of Imran Khan’s character, which were collected in the name of membership fund from the overseas Pakistanis, and no one knows what Imran did with the money.

By the passage of time Imran Khan has created many issues to distract the concentration from the real issues. He used to yell like a mad man at Shahbaz Sharif during his election campaigns, but soon after he regained his lost love for Sharif brothers and started to bash Altaf Hussain. Imran developed this habit during his cricket days when he used to sledge his opponents to divert their attention but as years past there are still no signs of maturity in Imran Khan.

On the other hand, Media persons and some well-known TV anchors faced an ugly barrage of abuse on social media sites by ‘PTI trolls’. This large section of the Imran Khan fan club showers anybody with a wide range of Urdu, Punjabi and English abuses if it believes that person has criticized Khan or his party.

In the 4th quarter of 2013, Imran Khan urged the Pakistan government to declare a ceasefire if it was serious about holding peace talks with militants and allow them to open an office in Pakistan. After this statement of Khan the conflict was emerged in the party and Asad Umar, a law maker of PTI said that party chief Imran Khan’s statement on Pakistani Taliban was not an official PTI policy statement.

PTI gained immense popularity during the build up to the 2013 elections and immersed as one of the most popular political parties of the nation. Although their performance could be termed as excellent for a new party, they have been losing popularity since then and matters have been worsened by intra-party conflicts and the desertion of members.

Many PTI workers, supporters and even the leaders have left the party due to corruption, nepotism and tug of war between the ideological and not so ideological groups within PTI. A forward bloc has also emerged in KP assembly under which fourteen members of the PTI in the KP assembly have raised a banner of revolt against pro-Taliban policies of their own government in the province and formed a separate faction.

This is really an alarming situation for the PTI leadership and if the reservations of the forward bloc had not been addressed this could prove fatal for the future to PTI, with whom the youth of KP has associated their hopes on the May 11 last year.

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Talha Arshad Khan

Talha Arshad Khan is an Electronics Engineer , Currently working as a field engineer in textile industry. He is also a social media activist and a political blogger.


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