3 Things For Enjoying Fast Food, BBQ, Others and Keeping Body and Belly Fat in Control

eating-and-fat-controlWASHINGTON – Once you put on weight, especially on your belly, it is never easy to reduce or burn fat. 

It is actually a holistic struggle, rather than just diet or exercise, against fat burning, if you really want to reduce you tummy and body fat.

We have writing a series covering mindset, attitude, lifestyle, eating habits, exercises or physical routine and others to fight against, which is actually a great danger to your health.

Today’s write up is basically related to your mindset and two eating and drinking habit. Doing this will facilitate you to eat everything, even delicious BBQ, fast food and even traditional fat dishes, and yet keep your fat in control.

These two things are very simple. All you have to do is to make this a part of mindset – every time you sit for eating.

So actually you have to do three things to keep enjoying eat while, same time, keep your belly and body fat in control.

1. Never ever drink water after your meal. Instead, try to intake water before the meal or may be while your are halfway to complete your meal. Drink water after an hour or even two hours after the meal.

2. Never over stuffed yourself with food, no matter how delicious is the food. But keep some space in your belly to make it easy for digestive system to digest it and not to let the food to turn into unhealthy fat.

3. Keep pounding your mind with these two things. Before, during and after the meal, keep repeating that you will not drink water after food as well as always leave some room in your abdomen to digest food easily.

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