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Skype spellcheck and autocorrect featureWASHINGTON – A great helpful feature has been introduced by Skype, which will help with people with always ‘poor spelling.’ 

According to a Skype blog, the feature has been rolled out for some users on Windows 8 and above. The feature includes spellchecker facility and auto-correct for instant messages on Windows 8.

The blog has framed some tips to edit your messages, using these features and adding even new language to enjoy messaging others.

1. Message Editing Quickly

Although the new feature of spell-check will indicate such words, but there is still something you could do just instantly. To edit your message, you just sent, hit the up arrow in your keyboard.

“This trick saves you having to right click or tap-and-hold the message you want to edit,” the blog further said.

2. Changing Spellcheck and Autocorrect Setting in Windows 

If you love spell-check, but do not want to auto-correct, then option is there to toggle to one and the other.

According to blog, to toggle autocorrect or spellcheck:

  • Open the charms with Win+C or by swiping from the right.
  • Select Settings > Change PC settings.
  • Select PC and devices > Typing.
  • Move the sliders for the feature you want to change.
  • Return to Skype for Windows desktop and press Ctrl+W to return to Skype Home and force the changes to take effect.
  • Adding and switching quickly between input languages

3. Adding A New Input Language

This is a bit interesting and catchy for people around. All you have to do is to start typing add a language on start screen to this device and ‘and select this item when it appears in the search results.’

Just select +Add a language and then the language you would like to add like Chinese, Turkish or may be Urdu.

“To quickly switch between input languages once you’ve added them, simply press Win+Space or tap the button on your onscreen keyboard,” the blog added.

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