UK to adopt Cinderella Law to jail parents for not loving a child

Child Neglect law

WEB DESK – First time in 81 years, the parliament of UK is all set to adopt an amended version of child protection termed as ‘Cinderella Law’ which would jail the parents failing to show love towards their children.

According to Britain’s local media reports, the UK government is planning to introduce changes to child neglect laws, which will make ’emotional cruelty’ a crime for the first time. The law is meant to protect children’s emotional, social and behavioral well-being.

The offence will include deliberately ignoring a child, not showing them any love over prolonged periods, forcing degrading punishments or to witness domestic violence, and making them a scapegoat.

The broader aspects of the Cinderella Laws are as under:

  • The maximum sentence that parents neglecting children could face under the law will be 10 years.
  • The changes are due to be introduced in Parliament within the framework of the Queen’s Speech in early June.
  • A Ministry of Justice spokesman came close to confirming the report to the Daily Telegraph.

If adopted it will update the current laws in England and Wales, which state that adults responsible for a child can be prosecuted if they have deliberately assaulted, abandoned or exposed a child to suffering, or injury to their health.

In Britain, as many as 1.5 million children are believed to suffer from neglect, according to local media. Intervention by social workers is allowed when abuse is classed as emotional neglect. However, the new law will allow police to intervene in cases of physical or sexual abuse.

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