1 Great Exercise For Shaping Body and Blasting Body Fat

fitness-tipsWASHINGTON – Getting the right exercise which could benefit your body in a maximum way, but in a fast paced life it is a must. 

Here is another great workout – the single one- which will benefits you in four ways. This is developed by Adam Steer, Bio-signature Certified and MAT Lower Body Specialist.

This is the Dumbbell Lunge Curl, giving you these four things:

* Shapes your upper arms
* Tightens your thighs and glutes
* Improves your cardio conditioning
* Blasts fat

Here’s the quick how-to…


1. Start in a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells at your sides

2. Step forward into a long lunge and curl the dumbbells to your shoulders

3. Forcefully press off the heel of the forward foot to return to the start, then repeat to the other side

That’s the Dumbbell Lunge Curl. Try and Repeat as per your strength and fat.

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