What If!

What if | PakistanTribeWhat if you were not who you are, today! What if you were born in streets, you were an orphan; you knew to abuse and all your life you learnt to survive by stealing, lying, deceiving, and no one ever came to guide you, to lead you to right path then?

What if you were born in a Christian Family; and you saw your parents partying, drinking, and you were so busy in enjoying your life that you never ever got time to think about what you are doing, or where your life is leading you to, and you never ever get to know about Islam, Allah, Holy Prophet SAW and you died then?

What if you were born in house of prostitutes; and you learnt only what you saw in your surroundings and what was taught to you; good never passed by that place and bad added more bad to your life then?

What would you have done if you were not even once given a chance to improve, to earn better living in this world or a better place in Jannah?

We even give chance to Parhe Likhe Jahils then why not once try them! Maybe if they had also got good environment, education, knowledge about Islam; good and bad, and other necessary facilities then who knows they might be better human beings than us!

Here you will see people carrying the tags of goodness but such goodness is of no use if no one ever got advantage from it! Here people criticize one another to finish badness but no one really ever tried to change the next person by understanding the situation. Change doesn’t come in a day! You stand up and say you want to bring change in your system then you say change isn’t for this system because badness is injected in our veins? Well no we are humans and we are composed of mistakes! Claiming to be good without going near to bad! You never challenged your goodness, did you? Who knows maybe if you got chance to do bad you would have done it! ‘Shareef wo jise mauqa nahi mila.’

Maybe in life if we all got chance to choose paths on our births we would have chose right path knowingly that we will get Jannah! You can’t stop someone from doing wrong especially after they are so much trained in doing so, and that it is their only source of earning! In this 21st Century, if you want to do good to someone, you want to bring a positive change then don’t be an extremist, instead be a human and also take other person as a human; creation of Allah! Be thankful to Allah if you are born Muslim, and if you know the difference between good and bad but along with that keep this in mind that you got responsibilities on your shoulders; you have to teach the difference between good and bad to those who are ignorant! We have done nothing special, what if we got everything served in a platter!

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Hina Anjum

Hina Anjum is the media student who aspires to become a Journalist. Her ways might be change but her aim isn't and that is to do something better for Pakistan. she is a Pakistani by Heart, Muslim by Soul and Human by Nature! She writes to change mindsets; make people think big, better and positive.

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