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Removal of OGRA | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – The Establishment Division (ED) has kept a mum over the proposed removal of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Finance Member Mir Kamal Marri, which was sought by the Cabinet Division (CD) over his misconduct.

“Mir Kamal is a close relative of a federal minister so no action could be taken so far against him by the incumbent government despite the findings of the FPSC coupled with the recommendation of the CD,” said a senior official at the Petroleum Ministry on the condition of anonymity.

He also said that a summary regarding the removal of Marri from his office had been dispatched to the premier for final approval. Once the prime minister has given the nod, an official order will be issued for Marri’s removal, he added.

Following the findings of an inquiry report of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), the CD has dispatched a summary to the ED to get rid of Mir Kamal Marri who remained absent from his office for six-and-a-half months in violation of the rules and regulations. But the ED has kept a mum despite passing of months. Meanwhile, the FPSC, after getting the approval from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, had conducted an inquiry against Marri who was also named in an OGRA scam worth billions of rupees.

“The Cabinet Division moved a summary on July 19, 2013 for approval of the Prime Minister to the proposal that an inquiry through FPSC may be initiated in terms of Section 3(11) of OGRA Ordinance against Mir Kamal Marri on account of his unauthorised absence from duty from August 18, 2012 to February 28, 2013. The proposal of the Cabinet Division was endorsed by the Establishment Division as the Government Servant Rules, 1973 were not applicable to him. Accordingly, an inquiry against the officer was conducted by the FPSC,” said an official letter.

“Pursuant to the inquiry by the FPSC, the charge of misconduct stood established against the officer; therefore, the Cabinet Division through their summary solicited orders for removal from office of Mir Kamal Marri, Member Finance, OGRA, from his office. The Establishment Division endorsed this proposal as well,” the official letter stated.

In the summary, the Cabinet Division also pointed out that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiated investigations against Tauqir Sadiq, the former chairman of OGRA, and others on the orders of the Supreme Court. The NAB had filed references against Tauqir Sadiq, Marri and others. The case is still under trial for recording of evidence at the NAB court in Islamabad.

In view of the investigation, NAB requested on September 4, 2012 that Marri’s leave might not be extended. NAB further recommended that he might not be posted as the finance member at OGRA as he also faces trial in the OGRA scandal, and his being posted anywhere would adversely affect the proceedings.

The Cabinet Division has also talked about the continuing trial in NAB. The Cabinet Division said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiated investigations against Tauqir Sadiq, former OGRA chairman, and others. In view of the investigation, NAB requested on September 4, 2012 that ex-Pakistan leave of Mir Kamal Marri may not be extended. Furthermore, NAB recommended that Mir Kamal Marri may not be posted as OGRA finance member, as the posting would adversely affect the proceedings.

Sources further told that Mir Kamal Marri, during his absence period from August 2012 to February 2013, remained in Switzerland with his mother. They said on his arrival, Kamal Marri submitted medical reports with the FPSC that disclosed that the OGRA member suffered a heart attack during his stay abroad. It is also important to mention that a final approval regarding the removal of Kamal Marri from his lucrative slot at the regulatory authority (OGRA) would be sought from the prime minister. And, after getting the premier’s nod, an order for removal of Marri from OGRA would be issued.

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