7 Exercises In 5 Minutes to Melt Your Body Fat

body-and-belly-faton weight is not an easy thing with eating too much, lazy lifestyle and desk related jobs.

But with a proper diet plan and suitable workout, you could not only maintain your fat and weight, but could also melt your fat.

Craig Ballantyne, a certified trainer and fitness expert, has framed a ‘5-Minute Fat Melting Miracle’ workout, which may work best for those who always have short time and lazy work style.

The workout include these seven exercises you could do in five minutes:
1) Punisher Squat x 2 rounds (20 seconds squats, 10 second hold)


2) Pushups – 30 seconds, max reps


3) Slam Ball Slams or Total Body Extension – 60 seconds, max reps


4) Bodyweight Row or DB Rear Deltoid Raise – 30 seconds, max reps


5) X-Body Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds, alternating sides


6) Slam Ball Slams or Total Body Extension – 30 seconds


7) Prisoner Punisher Squats x 2 rounds (20 seconds squats, 10 second hold)


The good thing about this fat melting workout is that it needs almost no equipment or even great space. So eat well and workout greater for fat loss.

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