Stylish Pakistani Actress Anam Tanveer’s memorable role in ‘BHABHI’

Stylish Pakistani Actress Anam Tanvees becomes BHABHI | PakistanTribe“Bhabi” is an upcoming serial airing from ARY digital from 4th April at 8 pm, the story revolves around two characters, a widow (bhabi) and the social behavior with her after the death of her beloved husband.

Very stylish and one of the few highly educated actresses in Pakistan, Anam Tanveer who debuted in very famous play of Hum Tv written by Bushra AnsariĀ  “Mere dard ko jo zuban mile” also doing a lead role in this serial and as the promos says, she’s madly in love with Shehzad Sheikh (this statement can’t be implemented in real life ;).

Six Sigma production brings the serial under the direction of Asif Yonus.

Anam-Tanveer, Stylish and beautiful Pakistani Actress and TV host | PakistanTribeThe story also talks about two types of women, first, Sohai Ali as a widow, polite and educated, and Anam Tanveer who’s an aggressive/hopeless lover of her fiance Shehzad Shekih, though not well educated but confident. She knows she’s beautiful hence she has all got the ace card and control in her hand, this doesn’t ends here, the story also talks about how far a woman can go in madness of her beloved.

The lead star cast of serial Bhabi is, Aijaz Aslam, Adnan Saeed, Anam Tanveer, Sohai Ali, Shehzad Sheikh and others.

Anam Tanveer has also appeared in comedy soap Zig Zag from Hum Sitare, where she is playing a role of personal secretary of Atiqa Odho.

Talented and Beautiful Anam Tanveer also hosting an entertainment show from Business Plus TV with the title Eflash.

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