25 Keywords Every WiFi and Internet User Should Know

internet keywordsISLAMABAD – As WiFi and other related services have become a part of our lives, most of us unaware of some important keywords we should know to enhance our knowledge. 

Although, they might not be the complete list, but enough to make your base about internet, networking and WiFi related terms.

Here is the list to make a strong base of your WiFi and Internet knowledge:

2G second generation
3G third generation
ALG application-level gateway


Code Division Multiple Access
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DMZ demilitarized zone in networks
DNS Domain Name Server
IMSI international mobile subscriber identity
IP Internet Protocol
LAN Local Area Network
MAC Media Access Control
MTU Maximum Transmission Unit
PPPoE Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
PIN personal identification number
PUK PIN Unlock Key
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SSID service set identifier
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
UDP User Datagram Protocol


User Identity Module
UPnP Universal Plug and Play
WAN wide area network
WLAN wireless local area network
Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity
WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup

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