Gayle’s strange words for Ahmed Shehzad after 100

Gayle words for Ahmed Shehzad after 100DHAKA – Pakistan has beaten Bangladesh in a crucial match, but the strange thing has come from West Indian Star Chris Gayle. 

Gayle seems to be very happy at excellent century of Ahmed Shehzad has made remarkable words for him.

But words are in Urdu.

“Shabash Ahmed Shabash!” he uttered these words following the first ever century from a Pakistani in T20 cricket format.

He welcomed Ahmed in the century maker club of T20 format.

The words came at a time when Pakistan is about to play its final and decisive match against West Indies. The team who wins the match, will qualify for the semi final of T20 world cup.

Gayle. himself, is one most watched and loved players with his strong shots, fours and sixes. He earned the best hitter title in last edition of T20 World Cup.


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