Never mess with defending champions, Sammy teaches Faulkner

james-faulkener-da_2865743bDHAKA : A very interesting confession is here regarding match between West Indies and Australia as West Indies defeated Aussies by 6 wickets.

James Faulkner before the match said “I will do everything possible to irritate the defending champions in a bid to make them lose focus.”

“I don’t like particularly West Indies,” he said.

Faulkner comments was devoid of sportsmen spirit on which sammy remarked ” it won’t affect the team on the field. The Australians normally have a lot to say. We are here to play cricket,”
he said

Interestingly, It was the James Faulkner who did last over to Sammy, The first four balls were “DOT, DOT, SIX , SIX ” and West Indies won the match celebrated that victory in a hilarious way.

Gayle Gangam style dance entertained the whole ground.

Sammy after the match said :” I was glad that Faulkner bowled the last over.”

Darren Sammy with full sportsmen spirit answered excellently to Faulkner taught ” Never mess with defending champions.”

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