Eat Fast Food and Loss Belly Fat At a Time With These 4 Must Things

fast food and belly and body fat lossWASHINGTON – If you are worried about your bell fat and still you can’t stop yourself eating fast food, the delicious burgers, pizzas and grilled chicken then there is a special advice for you. 

Chad Tackett, a certified trainer and exercise specialists, writes in one of his write up about the combination of fast food and Fast Track to Fat Loss.

According to him every mean, even fast food, needs to be comprised of following things:

Protein (e.g., extra lean steak)

Carbohydrate or carbs alone cause your insulin to shoot up and then crash down. The result is doziness and fatique as well as hunger and weak.  But protein helps your body to enhance you metabolism with the support of lean muscle gain. This leaves you feeling tired, hungry, and weak. It also gives your body an easy opportunity to convert and store that meal as fat.

In addition, ‘thermogenic effect’ of protein make it harder for your digestion system to digest, burning almost 30 percent of calories during the digestion.

Natural Starchy Carbs (e.g., black beans)

Natural starchy carbs not only a good source of energy but also full of fiber. They are ‘low energy density’ means that make you feel ‘filling good’ yet consuming calories less.

Fibrous Carbs (e.g., lettuce, onion, and tomato)

These inebbody. They are the best for long term fat loss.

Healthy Fats (e.g., avocados in the guacamole):

Yes fats are healthy too. They actually slower down insulin response enabling your system to stop carbs turning into fat. Healthy fats, like avocados, also make you feel ‘full and good’ after eating though the amount of calories they put is small.

You can eat fast food items only if these four elements are part of the meal. To know further about relationship of fast food and belly and body fat loss, wait for second part of it on Pakistan Tribe.

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