4 Unique Positives and 5 Negatives of Pakistan Team Just Before Bangladesh Match

Pakistan team strengthsFirst of all, the whole nation thanks the Pakistani cricket team, for giving immeasurable joy and happiness to the entire nation, on the very auspicious occasion of the Pakistan Day, March, 23rd. (The analysis has been written just Pakistan victory over Australia)

The positive attitude and the aggressive mind set of our team, was visible from the very word go. Our players displayed the INTENSITY of a wounded tiger, which was clearly missing against the Indians, thus Pakistani team was looking a totally different unit, from the Friday’s match.

Let us now dwell on where we improved and where we still could have done a better job.

1. The score we got in 20 overs vs India, was achieved in 14 overs vs Australia. Our RR on completion of 10 overs (83 runs) was reasonably good at 8.30/over. In the next 10 overs, we scored another 108 runs at a RR of 10.8/over. We scored 191/5 at a healthy RR/ over of 9.55

2. Pakistan played only 34 DOT balls (22 or 3.4 overs in 1st 10 overs and ONLY 12 or 2 overs in 2nd portion of 10 overs). Remember, we played 51 DOT balls against India.

3. Pakistan ONLY gave 5 no ball runs, that too on a single no ball bowled in the whole Australian innings. Whereas, Australian bowlers also bowled 1 no ball, but gave 9 runs on wide account, by bowling 3 wide balls. This also reflects remarkable bowling discipline displayed by the Pakistani bowlers, as compared with the Australian bowlers.

4. Here, we must give full marks to the captaincy of Mr. M. Hafeez, for keeping his cool and focus on the victory in this high voltage match, when Australia blasted off to 102/2 in just 8 overs, during which the last 5 over went for 82 runs. The way Hafeez marshalled his bowlers and fielders, immediately paid dividends in the next 10 overs, which resulted in 8 wickets for 58 runs.
We must salute the captaincy of Muhammad Hafeez, who in my opinion deserves 99 marks out of 100, for his crisis management abilities.

Just let me repeat, that we got to over come our following short comings, if the remaining 3 matches journey to the final match, has to be without any hiccups.

a). Again our score in the 6 power play overs, was just 34 runs, when ONLY TWO fielders are allowed out side the circle. We may ask Shahid Afridi to open the innings, with license to play freely, as per his temperament. However, we must aim for a score of 60-80 runs in the power play period. Not forgetting that Australia scored 82 runs against us last night, in 30 balls during overs numbers 4 to 8, even when they had lost both of their openers in the 1st six balls; and their score was just 8/2 in 1st over. Actually, we don’t have to look back whatever happens. Just focus on our aim of 60-80 runs in the power play overs.

b). Again we played a very high number of 22 dot balls in the 1st 10 overs. As we did in the 2nd half of the innings, where we played 12 dot balls, our aim should be (as we are aiming to be world champions) that not more than 8-10 dot balls are played in the 1st half, where there is a luxury of 6 overs of power play, as well. Our players ought to shun any negativity coming into the mind due to the falling of early wickets, as was displayed by the Australian number 3 and 4 batsmen.

c). Mr. Hafeez must realise that there is no room for complacency, because our position in the group is extremely precarious; as Australia, can easily bounce back easily, with better run rate, to oust us, from the race of the semi finals.

d). The joke must now end of playing Shoaib Malik and Kamran Akmal. Believe me, whatever, they are contributing to the team, Younis Khan, Fawad Alam and Misbah ul Haq can do much better. These players (Shoaib and Kamran) are not the T20 material (obviously nothing personal against them or any other player, management committee member or any PCB person). And now, the next matches against the West Indies and Bangladesh are going to be very crucial for us, because if we have remain in contention for the semi finals, we have to win these games with not a big margin, but with a HUGE margin.

e). As our team showed during the match against Australia, our players must remember that OFFENCE IS THE BEST DEFENCE. All our scheming and matches planning must be based on just one premise, not just to win, but how to win HUGE margin.

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