10 Best Exclusive iPhone Games


10 Best Exclusive iPhone Games | PakistanTribeSAN FRANCISCO – This would be a greatest news for Game lovers to have free games for downloading,which are exclusively for iPhone.

But be aware,these games can kill the most of your time and not only children but elders are also become fan of these games.

  • Pixel This
    This is a puzzle in which you will have to decipher the image hidden behind the square and this will upgrade your marks.
  • FIFA 14
    It is an astonishingly accomplished game for an iPhone,with 600 teams and 16000 players and many games mode.
    This game game let you make your favorite team and play with them.
  • Color Zen,
    Color Zen is all about dragging the colors together and you just
    have to drag the ball towards the respective color border.
  • Dots
    this is the the timed mode and powered-up game where you have to join the same colors dots together.
  • Pocket train,
    Here you will build your own train and travel around the world for delivering stuff,and that will upgrade your score and money as well.
  • Gang Lords
    It is actually the card game in which your goal is to continually  upgrade your score by beating and killing your enemy.
  • Madden 25
    It is a similar game of fifa,which also have multiplayer and multiteam mode,and you are able to make your own team.
  • Giant Boulders Of Death
    In this game,your goals are to rack-up the score by smashing the parasites.
  • The Room Pocket
    In this game,you have to solve the mystery of the box,present inside the room.
  • New Scramble
    It is the latest version of scramble in which the longer words will give you more scores.you can also play asynchronously with your friends.Now enjoy the latest games forgetting everything !


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