Google Launches New User Friendly App

google-new-appWASHINGTON – World’s leading tech giant Google has launched another user friendly Application which let you arrange its web App in a way you want, reported.

According to the date available to PakistanTribe, Google has been estimated to run more than one million servers in data centers around the world and to process over one billion search requests.

Tech giant’s recent launch is a user friendly application which let user to arrange its web app in a way just he or she wants.

The new app provides user drag and drop icon to record the web pages which he or she frequently use.

If you are a techie person then after using this app, you don’t need for bookmarks but you just have reach Google’service as soon as possible.

Critics beleive that the app is another induction in the organization’s strengths as another reason for Google’s market dominance that  has led to prominent media coverage, including copyright, censorship, and privacy.

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