Secure Your Email, Social Media, Web World With A Basic Tip

strong-passwordLONDON – As cyber crimes and criminals grow, it is a must to adopt some pre-emptive measures for securing your online world.

The most prone thing of your web world is, for cyber attackers and hackers, is password.

Securing your social networks accounts like Facebook, you email account, apps and mobile data means creating a strong password.

Most Important Password

The most important of all passwords is your password for your email account. If a hacker or someone else gains access to your email account, then he eventually have the access to most of your online accounts.

This is because we all use our email id in every sign up for every social network and app.

The First Change

Therefore, the change in passwords should be started from your email account. And later on change all of your important passwords.

Creating Strong Passwords

Although there are several ways to make strong passwords, but below is a great method to set a strong password with courtesy of Cyber StreetWise.

1. The first is to remember is that password should not be shorter and grammatically accurate, as they grow chances for hackers to crack it.

2. Think of passwords as a sentence, not as a word

3. Create a sentence that is memorable for you and type it in without the spaces with mispelling one or more words intentionally

4. Alternatively, type in the 1st letter of each word in the sentence

5. Add in some capital letters, numbers and punctuation

It could be like ‘The water is hot becomes ‘[email protected]’ or something like it with adding some numbers, marks and capital letters to further strengthen it.

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