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PUERTO RICO – Most of us have heard about Microsoft several times, but only handful people may know how big this software giant is.

All of our knowledge is that Microsoft makes Windows and it has been founded by Bill Gates.

Here is a glimpse of the Microsoft to give you an overview about the tech giant and diversity in it.

1. Microsoft Centres for Operation

Microsoft has distributed its operations from four different places, each looking its own specialized field as follow:

Role Location
Licensing, Manufacturing, Operations and Logistics Dublin, Ireland
Manufacturing Humacao, Puerto Rico, USA
Licensing and Operations Reno, Nevada, USA
Operations and Logistics Singapore
2. In How Many Countries Microsoft Subsidiaries Are Working?

The firm has been operating from as many as 113 countries, if another country is not added recently, showing its breadth and reach across the world.

Albania Czech Republic Kuwait Romania
Algeria Denmark Latvia Russia
Angola Dominican Republic Lebanon Saudi Arabia
Argentina Ecuador Libya Senegal
Armenia Egypt Lithuania Serbia
Australia El Salvador Luxembourg Singapore
Austria Estonia Macao SAR Slovakia
Azerbaijan Finland Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia
Bahrain France Malaysia South Africa
Bangladesh Georgia Malta Spain
Belarus Germany Mauritius Sri Lanka
Belgium Greece Mexico Sweden
Bermuda Guatemala Montenegro Switzerland
Bolivia Honduras Morocco Taiwan
Bosnia & Herzegovina Hong Kong SAR Namibia Thailand
Brazil Hungary Netherlands Trinidad & Tobago
British Virgin Islands Iceland New Zealand Tunisia
Brunei India Nigeria Turkey
Bulgaria Indonesia Norway Ukraine
Cameroon Iraq Oman United Arab Emirates
Canada Ireland Pakistan United Kingdom
Cayman Islands Israel Panama United States
Chile Italy Paraguay Uruguay
China Jamaica Peru Venezuela
Colombia Japan Philippines Vietnam
Costa Rica Jordan Poland Zimbabwe
Côte d’Ivoire Kazakhstan Portugal
Croatia Kenya Puerto Rico
Cyprus Korea Qatar
3. How Much Money Microsoft Make?
The figures are inspiring, when we talk about ‘Revenue and Headcount’ of the company. These are figures taken from the official data and updated on June 30, 2013
Fiscal Year Ending Head Count Net Revenue (US$) Growth Net Income (US$) Growth
June 30, 2013** 99,139 $77.31B 4% $22.12B -6%
June 30, 2012* 94,290 $74.30B 6% $23.60B 5%
June 30, 2011 90,412 $69.94B 13% $23.15B 23%
June 30, 2010 88,596 $62.48B 7% $18.76B 29%
June 30, 2009 92,736 $58.44B -3% $14.57B -18%
June 30, 2008 91,259 $60.42B 18% $17.68B 26%
June 30, 2007 78,565 $51.12B 15% $14.07B 12%
June 30, 2006 71,172 $44.28B 11% $12.60B 3%
June 30, 2005 61,000 $39.79B 8% $12.25B 50%
June 30, 2004 57,086 $36.84B 14% $8.17B 8%

4. How Many Employees in Microsoft? 

The number employees are awful – even greater than a small country’s government employees. Just look at these figures which were updated on Dec 31, 2013

Current Employment Headcount
Location Employees
Worldwide 100,932
USA 59,197
Puget Sound (Washington State) 42,940

5. Interesting Comparison of Male and Female Employees and Age Factor

The figures show that tech, software, and related fields are still mostly run by males. Look at the gender breakout in United States alone:

Reported Gender Breakout (USA)
Gender Employees Percentage
Male 44,826 75.7%
Female 14,371 24.3%

The age graph shows that Microsoft is mostly run by old people as compared to other tech giants like Facebook and Google. Have a look

Reported Age Breakout (USA)
Age Range1 Employees Percentage
29 or Under 10,312 17.4%
30-39 22,610 38.2%
40+ 26,275 44.4%

It gives you average age of Microsoft employees is 38.4 years.

6. Employees Functional Breakout

Although it is an software engineering firm in nature, but software manufacturing alone is not enough. Sales and Marketing is a must to fetch billions of dollars as evident from the table below

Functional Breakout (Worldwide)
Role Employees
Engineering 43,622
Sales & Marketing Support Group 49,728
Finance, HR & Legal 4,558
Business Functions 3,024
7. How Much Real Estate Property Microsoft Has? 

It is also interesting to note the widely spread real states of a tech giant. The figures below are updated by the company on Dec. 31, 2013

Location Total Square Feet No. of Sites
Puget Sound 9,806,547 78
Other US 3,593,498 21
International 3,443,456 13
 TOTAL: 16,843,501 112
Location Total Square Feet No. of Sites
Puget Sound 4,625,611 41
Other US 4,835,258 190
International 9,474,338 369
 TOTAL: 18,935,207 600
Total Portfolio
Location Total Square Feet No. of Sites
Puget Sound 14,432,158 119
Other US 8,428,756 211
International 12,917,794 382
TOTAL: 35,778,708 712

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