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MIT,The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private research university in Cambridge, claimed to provide a platform to spy-proof website.

It is a headache now a days for all international or multinational website that even after a lot of protection,their websites are hacked.But this is not a problem anymore,because MIT has claimed a platform named “MYLAR” for building secure websites, services and applications.

Mylar is a new platform which keeps your data encrypted all the time in its servers. That data’s only decrypted when it’s accessed from your computer with the right password, though Mylar can also issue encryption keys if you want to share data with other people.

Mylar protects data confidentiality even when an attacker gets full access to servers. Mylar stores only encrypted data on the server, and decrypts data only in users’ browsers. Simply encrypting each user’s data with a user key does not suffice, and Mylar addresses three challenges in making this approach work. First, Mylar allows the server to perform keyword search over encrypted documents, even if the documents are encrypted with different keys. Second, Mylar allows users to share keys and data securely in the presence of an active adversary. Finally, Mylar ensures that client-side application code is authentic, even if the server is malicious. Results with a prototype of Mylar built on top of the Meteor framework are promising: porting 6 applications required changing just 35 lines of code on average, and the performance overheads are modest, amounting to a 17% throughput loss and a 50 msec latency increase for sending a message in a chat application.

The project’s lead researcher of MIT ,claimed that method prevents anyone, even the NSA from snooping on your info: “If the government asks the company for your data, the server doesn’t have the ability to give unencrypted data.

Now web companies are keen to take advantage of Mylar,and protecting their data from hackers.



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