10 Passwords You Should Not Use to Protect Your Web, Social Media and Devices

10-common-passwordsLONDON – Passwords are essential in today’s world with the growth of smartphones, tablets, social media and web accounts.But as the web grows, so as the hackers and cyber attackers.

Most of the hackers actually do not exactly know what is your password. But they start their efforts by cracking your password with variations of 10 common passwords we usally use.

They try get a hint either looking at your social network pages or with some other web hints.

The passwords, most of us adopt, are usually

1. Pet’s name
2. Significant dates (like date of wedding)
3. Date of birth or close relation
4. Child’s name
5. Other family member’s name
6. Place of Birth
7. Favourite holiday
8. Any favourite sport or player
9. Husband or wife name
10. Routine sequence number like 12345678

So if you have any or something like these passwords, change it immediately.

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