New HTC One (M8) launches in New York with advanced specs, features, price and more

HTC-One-M8-aNew York: HTC has official launched its 2014′s flagship smartphone device called HTC One M8 on Tuesday (today) in NYC.

HTC One M8 has not one but two cameras on back. Added camera to capture detailed depth information, Shara Tibken Becker reveals.

According to Rich Trenholm, The HTC One M8 is on sale today in the UK while the unlocked, SIM-free M8 costs £550.

HTC One M8 broad in-store availablity across major carriers and retailers in the US and Canada. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc within the first few weeks of April. Most in store before April 10.

The makers offered fix display ‘free of charge’ on drop phone and break display in first six months of ownership, as commitment to customers not seen from any other rivals.

HTC announced being committed to keep phone updated with latest software for at least two years as Sense 6 coming to current HTC One class devices this spring


For the first time, a smartphone can understand objects in a physical space. Can completely and instantly separate the foreground and background of photo for cool effects, reported by CNET live blog.

HTC-One-M8-cShe added, ‘Opens up creative options that just haven’t been possible before. Knows which objects are closer. What can do with info? In pro photos, subject crisply in focus but background slightly blurred out. HTC can instantly create this effect right on your phone. Can refocus the shot on anyone in the frame with just a tap. Don’t have to mess with separate app or mode.’

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