Five Tips to Stay Safe on Facebook, Social Media, Mobile Devices and Web

5 major cyber security tips

LONDON – Remaining safe online these days is typically a difficult thing given the growing use of social media particularly Facebook, mobile devices and web.

But in most of the case cyber attacks are made due to carelessness people usually adopt about their cyber world.

These are the simple five things to make the first shield against hackers and cyber criminals.

Installing Updates

The first thing is to always keep your operating system and web browser on your laptops, computers and mobiles updated.

Installing Antivirus Software

The second thing to make the second layer is installing some quality antivirus software. This prevent hackers to infiltrate your device and to steal your data.

Using Strong Passwords

Always prefer having strong passwords, which might be nonsensical and containing a right mix of numbers, alphabets, signs and lower and upper case letters.

Shopping Online Safely

This is the most catchy thing for hackers – using your online data. Always check for the padlock symbol in the address bar of the browser and never ever give credit card details if you have any doubt about the propsed shopping site.

Monitoring Social Privacy Setting

Applying some privacy controls on your social presence is a good thing to follow. Don’t make your data available for everyone.

Credit for Idea – Cyber Streetwise

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