The Yin Yang of Style Design By Marian Sharaf Joseph

The combination of a man and a woman’s esthetics is like ‘Guns & Roses.’ No, I literally do not mean ‘daisy cutters and machine guns.’ In easy words, it refers to the same theory presented in John Gray’s ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.’ To a large extent it’s true. While feminists and non-feminists are in constant rage to overcome male chauvinism, when it comes to public display of aesthetics, women win because Venus has aphrodisiac charms that Mars easily falls for. Consider the incident of Tireseas in the Greek mythology that left him in state of confusion pondering upon, who amongst the two genders has the privilege of enjoying more pleasure in life. Women do. Simply because men seek pleasure in a woman’s happiness, and a man who fails to realize that is the most unhappiest man alive. In the real world, unlike Tireseas, men have succeeded in camouflaging their opinion where they think they’ll lose.

According to gods, both genders are made of masculinity and femininity. The difference is while masculinity is enhanced in men femininity is obvious in women. Bottom line: Men and women can easily live in a yin-yang ambiance if they learn to create balance. In terms of interior design, women are often heard crying how to yearn to design their living space to their taste. It begins with the bride. When the bride moves into her new home, it marks the beginning of a lifestyle transformation that takes her at least a decade to complete. The irony of this whole transition (in some cases) is that by the time one finally settles in, especially if one has been living with the in-laws, it’s time to bring a daughter-in-law, and the transformation begins all over again asking both women to adapt to each other’s lifestyle. In this whole scenario, men are the victim because no one has ever bothered to ask ‘What men want?’

The truth is men are totally terrified – more than women. Having a new women move into their home, take over the kingdom that they rightfully own for at least 30 years sounds like an alien invasion. Most men I came across during the research described the feeling as such. Just as the concept of yin yang says extreme of yin leads to a freezing and yang to boiling, extreme display of feminism can agitate men. This is why most men prefer to isolate themselves in their den while at home.

Based on the opinions gathered from men of diverse backgrounds, here is how men want to design their house, and believe can help create better harmony with their significant others.

Furniture with a Serious Tone: Men believe ‘Less is more.’ They may not necessarily be minimalist but they do not want their house to look like a boutique. Although they’ll ignore the drawing room if it looks like one, you simply cannot think of committing the crime of making your bedroom into showroom. Men like symmetrical designs rather than shapes or floral. But since we have to ensure balance, keep the furniture simple – more in straight lines with upholstery in plain one solid color. Add cushions with digital print in colors inspired from nature or chic floral ones at Khas. One still can’t go wrong with funky retro patterned cushions.

Classic metal lamp
Classic metal lamp










City Chic Décor: Modern couples like their living space to present them as progressive couple. You’ll find very few couples who like old vintage décor. Create a combo of solid colors of your choice. For instance, go for dark blue ceiling with subtle colored walls. The combo of solid colors is created in harmony with the décor. Add black lamps with white shades next to your couch. Place a metal lamp with white candle on a coffee table to add a bit of class to the city inspired look, or go through the range of metal lamps range at Khas to pick your favorite kind. To tick it off, place shaggy rug near the fire place. PS: Add funky chandelier in silver to compliment the look of your ceiling.

Candle on Coffee Table to lighten up City Chic decor
Candle on Coffee Table to lighten up City Chic decor










Vibrant paintings & decorative items: Compare your man to a stallion or identify his characteristics to a lion, and you’ve won yourself a loyal dedicated partner for lifetime. Men like to be pampered as much as women do. Boost his ego every now and then, and the best way to do remind him of how much you appreciate. Place a painting of raging horses in your bedroom or living room because that’s where he likes to spend most of his time. Make him feel your presence with fresh pot pourri in glass bowl. Men do like antiques and so do women. Multi-colored porcelain jars at Khas are the best pick to enhance the overall ambiance of your living space.

Vibrant painting of horses best for 2014 - Year of the Wooden Horse
Vibrant painting of horses best for 2014 – Year of the Wooden Horse
Multi - coloured porcelain jar to enhance the ambiance
Multi – coloured porcelain jar to enhance the ambiance

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Marian Sharaf Joseph is an independent journalist with 12 years of experience. She has assisted foreign publications and channels in their projects in Pakistan. She was also jury member for Lux Style Awards.

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