4 negative results of sleeping with the lights

4 negative results of sleeping with the lights | PakistanTribePeaceful sleep is an essential for a good health but sometime we damage the ‘peace’ from our sleep-hours but we don’t know about it. A new study suggests that keeping the light on whole night will interrupt your sleep.

This study, published in the journal Sleep Medicine, says that sleeping with lights on means you will wake up more often throughout the night and also it messes with brain oscillations, which enable deep sleep.

Ten participants with normal sleep habits were tested under two sleep environments and they were monitored with the help of polysomnography. In one session, the lights were on, while in another, the lights were off. The lights, emitted from fluorescent, were kept few feet away the participants.

The researchers from South Korea found that people who slept with the lights on experienced following things:

a) More shallow sleep

b) Stage 1 sleep

c) Few slow wave sleep

d) Changes in the brain oscillations.

This is not the first study to suggest such pattern; there have been many studies in the past that indicate lights have negative impact on sleep.

Charles A Cziesler, M.D.,Ph.D. and a sleep medicine professor at Havard, recently wrote a paper explaining how artificial light mess with the sleep-encouraging neurons and helps neurons related with arousal. Cziesler summarized that the rise in electric light is directly proportional to the rise in sleep deficiency.

So all of it means, if you need a sound sleep, then switch off all the lights in your room while sleeping.

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