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In this era,everything is done by computers,whether studying,reading,business work or any other job.Even if you want to entertain yourself by playing games or want to stay connected with people by using social networking sites.
Mean to say that everyone of us have to spend a lot of time in front of our PC’s,smartphones,laptops or TV.
Even some of us used to switch on their PC’s after waking up till go to bed again.
This is quite common but we all have to face a Health problem by going this way,that is

The dryness of eye which is ultimately makes our eye to lose its blinking ability

We forget to blink our eyes when we concentrate on something on our PC’s or laptops,This can lead to the dry eye syndrome, which basically means you have to face health complications due to the dehydration of your eyes. Not only for gamers and readers, even for those of you who are poor blinkers and who run out of moisture in your eyes, here comes a solution.

Wink glasses are the special optical instruments which insist you to blink your eyes after each 5 seconds.If you don’t blink your eyes after 5 seconds then the Wink glass will start becoming opaque by spreading fog over it,now willingly or unwillingly you will have to blink your eye then your glass will be transparent again !

These glasses were invented by a Japanese firm, Masunaga Optical Manufacturing Co. Ltd., that specializes in eye-wear.


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