8 Must Things You Should Know About Facebook

Facebook mythsMost of us are avid users of Facebook, the largest social network of the world even putting others to copy its trends and features.

But it is a fact that most us do not know some of the basics of world’s over one billion plus community. 

We have summed up some of the basics you should know about Facebook to bust the myths we used to see others spreading on.

1. Facebook to Ever Charge Us?

The simple answer is ‘No.’ Facebook still has no plans to make it fee-based network, though it creates billions using intelligent ads network.

2. Advertisers See Our Personal Information? 

It’s answer is also ‘No,’ as far as our knowledge is concerned. Facebook system does ad targeting anonymously with involving advertisers regarding personal information. The system matches the advertisers choices like demographic automatically.

3. Facebook Sells Our Information?

Absolutely not. Users usually have control over their information – unless there is a secret algorithm is placed by Facebook.

4. Can Someone Knows Who Is Viewing Our Timeline?

According to Facebook, its answer is no, though some claims that they can view. However, Facebook claims that even third party apps can’t do this.

5. Can We Know About Our Timeline Viewing or Even Frequency? 

Similarly as no one can see who is viewing our timeline, we do not know this too. Some of the apps, which claims to perform this task, seems to be having false claims.

6. Our Private Messages on Timeline Viewed?

The answer is no as such messages are appeared on our Inbox.

7. Other Sites That Use Social Plugins Get Our Personal Information? 

External sites that we use never get our personal information except the data they use to process the plugins like your name, basic info, what you like, who your friends are, what they’ve liked, what they recommend.

8. We Need Filling Survey or Signing In To View Special Content? 

You would have seen that some apps say that you need to fill in a survey or to sign in to view to see any special content on their app, but Facebook says its not the case at all.  One thing which is necessary to see the content is liking its page only.

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