Now Apple Is Your Doctor As Well


It really clicks if Apple be the company to have all the health and fitness tricks which people have been searching in a mobile device for a long long time.


Now Apple fulfills its fans desire by throwing an app called ‘ Heathbook’

It has been reported that Apple is working on an app relates completely with Health and Fitness tricks which will be a shop for iOS users interested in using mobile tech to better keep track of their progress toward health goals.

this app will be a complete doctor for its users as it will monitor their,

  • Weight
  • Blood pressure information
  • Hydration rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Physical activity rate
  • Heart rate
  • Breathing rate
  • Nutrition uptake &
  • Nutrition saturation

Healthbook  can also check the following test,

  • For patients who must take frequent tests to monitor their health
  • Those with chronic conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease
  • ¬†The app could replace a manual log or faxes from a doctor’s office to help them keep tabs on their stats.

By having this app,Apple can get a lot of popularity and increase demand in its sell !

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