7 Easy Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

belly-fat-reducing-tipsExtra fat around belly causes different diseases.

There are some easy ways to reduce this extra fat without any outdoor activity. By using these ways you can reduce your extra belly fat in minimum time and with less effort.

1- Start your day with lemon juice with some salt.
2- Take brown rice and brown bread instead of white bread and white rice.
3- Avoid sweets and oily goods; they cause extra fat in your belly.
4- Drink excess amount of water, it help to maintain blood pressure and proper metabolism.
5- Avoid more healthy and fatty foods to reduce your tummy.
6- Eat fruits and vegetables regularly because they are rich of nutrients and vitamins.
7- Use black pepper in your food because it maintains insulin level in your blood.

After following these tips on regular basis, you can feel the change in very short time. By keeping this routine you can look smart

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Mohsin Mughal

Mohsin Mughal is a graduation student based in Lahore Pakistan. He has interest in current affairs, social issues and politics.

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