Mianwali base named after Air Force legend MM Alam

MM Alam

WEB DESK – To honor the memories of legendary fighter pilot of Pakistan Air Force Muhammad Mehmood Alam alias MM Alam, the Mianwali airbase was renamed after his.

In an auspicious inaugural ceremony of renaming the base, Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif himself participated on Thursday.

At this occasion, a brother and sister of MM Alam were also present along with other dignitaries including the high command of Pakistan Airforce.

MM Alam fought the two wars in 1965 and 1971 with India in the capacity of fighter pilot and commander before his retirement as Air Commodore. He gained international recognition after 1965 war in which he gunned down five Indian fighter jets in less than 60 seconds while flying F-86 Sabre fighter jet (an American air craft). Among those five, the first four were gunned down within 30 seconds. It was a world record which no one could ever break until today.

MM Alam’s name always remain on the top of Pakistan Air Force’s hall of fame. The famous legend died in Karachi’s hospital last year (2013) in March.

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