KARACHI: Heavy arrests but no rest

KARACHI: No rest despite heave arrests | PakistanTribeKARACHI – Despite claims of arresting over 17,000 criminals during six months in the ongoing targeted operations of paramilitary force, security agencies were unable to stop the proportional increase in terrorism, where some 928 people were killed during September 5, 2013 to March 4, 2014.

Karachi, a city of 20 million people, has a long history of violence, much of it associated with gangs linked to mainstream political parties. Recent years have been especially bloody.

In a recent issued crime statistics, law enforcement agencies in last couple of months conducted 1,002 raids excluding 848 encounters held, whereas, the security agencies claimed to arrest 17,743 criminals while killed 135 in encounters.

In the last few months, police conducted 11,002 raids in various localities of the city. The law enforcing organisation arrested some number of criminals, including 293 killers, 156 target killers, 158 extortionists, 72 kidnappers, 412 robbers, 3,826 for weapon possession, 2,371 narcotics possession, 266 proclaimed offenders, 61 involved in explosive act, 4,746 absconders, 305 street criminals and 4,923 other criminals.

Report further revealed that in September 2013, 137 cases of murders were reported, 133 in October-13, 165 in November-13, 92 in December-13, 194 cases were registered in January 2014, 178 in February-14 while 29 cases were registered only in four days of March-14.

The reported incidents revealed that people were killed and scores of others wounded in various armed attacks during the operation. Bomb blasts, targeted and sectarian killings, grenade attacks, kidnapping for ransom and extortion have continued along with the claims of state.

Police also claimed to have recovered huge caches of weapons, including three light machine guns, 90 Kalashnikov, 3,939 pistols, 73 rifles, 127 shotguns and 161 hand grenades.

It is necessary to mention here that despite operation, the most rising issue of metropolis ‘Target Killing’ remained unsolved as report revealed that in September 2013 19 cases of target killing were reported, 13 in October-13, 21 in November-13, 19 in December-13, 43 cases were registered in January 2014, 22 in February-14 while 14 cases were registered only in four days of March, 2014.

Similarly, bank robberies and dacoity remained firm throughout six months as 118  were registered in September 2013, 73 cases reported in October-13, 74 in November-13, 90 in December-13, 90 cases were registered in January 2014, 78 in February-14 while 12 cases were registered in four days of March.

Kidnapping were also remained leach-habitual for Karachiites, 15 were registered in September 2013, 10 cases reported in October-13, 03 in November-13, 04 in December-13, 07 cases were registered in January 2014, 13 in February-14 while 3 cases were registered in four days of March.

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