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Aam Admi Party Pakistan | PakistanTribeIn India a movement arose 3 years before under the supervision of Anna Hazare when he went on hunger strike for several days.Anna Hazarays efforts were not fruitless.

The most important outcome of Anna Hazare’s effort was an awareness in the people against corruption. People had made their minds to uproot corruption from the country.

It was the result of this awareness campaign that led to a glorious victory of Aaam Aadmy Party (AAP) in India.Arwind Kijriwal, an ex-bureaucrat, won the elections and was nominated as Chief Minister of Delhi.It was a very brief story of what happened in India that led to the success of Aam Aadmy Party in india.

Now on the other hand in Pakistan , a political party naming Aaam Aadmy Party have been launched.Along with the name , there is another similarity in both the parties.

The leaders of both these parties are ex-bureaucrats. Adnan Randhawa who founded AAP Pakistan is the very same officer of Foreign office who resigned on the issue of Raymond Davis alongwith Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

Adnan Randhawa is a columnist on a famous media group and was General Secretary of PTI.Differences developed between PTI and Adnan when the latter was not issued ticket for Islamabad’s constituency twice,once during the general elections and then in by-polls.According to Adnan he resigned on the ideological basis,criticizing Imran Khan.

No Doubt he has taken a good step and initiative by making his own political party.But one thing that is missing here is an enthusiasm.Like the AAP of India there is not any solid motive present that could appeal the people.

The AAP of India was a result of a movement.A movement in which people participated and made it successful.

But on the other hand nothing such type of thing is present in AAP Pakistan.Political parties arise from two things,one is the support of the people and the other is the charismatic personality of the leader.

Pakistan Muslim League had both things at the time of Independence of Pakistan.Bhutto had a charismatic leadership quality that made him a true leader.Nawaz Sharif just has a support of people.

NS is a politician but not a leader.On the other hand Imran Khan had a leadership quality but didn’t get the support of people at start but now he has and do possess a leaderhip quality.Imran Khan also became popular as Third option.

But sorry to say,Mr. Adnan possesses neither of these things at present.Leadership quality is either absent in Mr. Adnan or is dormant yet.Talking of the support of the people,it can be judged by the poor response of the people on social media.

I being a city fellow of Mr. Adnan messaged him on facebook and appreciated his step.

But speaking of the ground realities,it’s a fact that till now AAP Pakistan have received a poor response from the people.People are not taking this party seriously till now.Most of the people are of the view that its  a party which has  been made by a distressed leader of PTI. AAP Pakistan is not even a third option for people now.

AAP Pakistan would have been an option if PTI as a ruling party had failed to deliver to people.The Slogan of AAM Pakistan which is to help the common people of Pakistan is also a motto of lot of other parties of Pakistan like Awami party of Sheikh Rasheed,Yes the very same Sheikh Rasheed who owes his seat to PTI.

So talking as a whole the wind is against AAP Pakistan up-to-minute but the future cannot be predicted.

Adnan Randhawa definitely needs hard work to make his place in politics and I wish him best of luck for it!

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