28 culprits of Rawalpindi tragedy identified, 16 held: Rana Sanaullah

28 culprits of Rawalpindi tragedy identified, 16 held: Rana Sanaullah | PakistanTribeRAWALPINDI – Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan has said that 28 perpetrators, who are directly responsible for the deadly clashes that erupted in Rawalpindi during Ashura have been identified through CCTV footage, adding that 16 of them have been arrested.

He assured foolproof security today (Friday) during the protest against the incident. ‘Rangers and police will be available during protests’ he added. “Those who are attacking mosques and Imambargahs have nothing to do with any religion and sect.”

Talking to the media men, Rana Sanaullah said investigation of the Rawalpindi tragedy is in progress and 28 culprits who were involved in the clashes have been identified via video.

He said that the perpetrators who were directly involved in spreading violence will be brought to justice at any cost.

He said that the Rawalpindi incident was an effort to detabilise Pakistan, adding that the media and civil society jointly foiled the conspiracy. He said that there is no report of any persons missing in Rawalpindi incident, adding that if there is anyone missing his report should be registered with the police station.

He said anyone saying that hundreds of people were killed in the incident was committing enmity with the country.

Rana Sanaullah said those attacking mosques and Imam Bargahs have nothing to do with any sect. These militants and terrorists are playing into the hands of anti-Pakistan forces and wanted to create a wedge on the Ashura day. However, the entire nation has foiled their nefarious designs by standing together.

The provincial law minister said we have held talks with ulemas of all schools of thought and they have strongly condemned the act of militants in Rawalpindi. He said all the religious scholars have given the message of national solidarity and brotherhood and we appreciate their gesture.

The violent clashes between two groups erupted on Friday (November 15) had left 11 people dead and over 50 injured as the worshipers massed to mourn the seventh century martyrdom of Imam Hussain (RA), followed by the imposition of curfew in the area.

The clashes erupted when a mourners’ procession was on its way through Fawara Chowk in the garrison city.


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