7 Mega Things Pakistan Will Get With 3G and 4G technology

Pakistan 3G and 4G technologyISLAMABAD – As Pakistan braces for introduction of 3G and 4G technology, internet lovers are excited to have this technology on their devices soon.

The auctioning of these technologies will be made on April 23 2014. Means about a month remains in opening of a new technological door in the door.

The technology will open multidimentional and benefial ways for the country and people. Some of these are:

1. At least 0.9 million employment opportunities will be created with 3G and 4G technology launch.

2. The technology will bring over 250 to 350 billion rupees to national treasury.

3. The internent speed on all devices will come to the desktop, means the mobile internet will see a boom.

4. The quality of web connections will touch a new peak.

5. The level of technological understanding will become greater and at par with international level.

6. Foreign Direct Investment of 2 to 3 billion – more or less – will arrive.

7. Digital Literacy, understanding of world of digital, social and web world Р will see a rise in the country.

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