NDMA and MFN are the same, says JI chief Munawar

NDMA and MFN are the same, says JI chief Munawar | PakistanTribeLAHORE – Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that the government move for NDMA status to India instead of the Most Favourite Nation was simply a tactic to escape public criticism because practically both were the same.

Talking to different delegations at Mansoroa on Tuesday, he said that the rulers were victim of self deception regarding India and were ignoring the ground realities. However, he said that the nation could not shut its eyes to India’s’ criminal role in the break up of this country, her refusal to grant self determination right to the Kashmiris despite UN Security Council resolutions, her water aggression against this country in violation of the Indus Water Treaty or her control over Sia Chen, for making friends with its sworn enemy.

He said the nation was being told to forget India’s past crimes to develop friendly ties with that country. He said the rulers were adopting this destructive path under the secret IMF loan term for allowing a free trade with India, which actually aimed at building India the regional policeman. However, he said, that the entire talk of love with India in the presence of the Kashmir and India’s water aggression made no sense and was only a deadly move for this country.

Syed Munawar Hasan counseled the government that instead of importing vegetables and farm products from India, it should grant the growers facilities at par with those in India to help them raise production. He said, there were around 6.6 million small agricultural farms of about five acres on which around 87 per cent of the growers depended. Besides, there were about 4.34 million bigger farms of twelve acres each which provided living to 20 million farmers.

The JI chief said that indiscriminate import of farm products from India would swallow these small farms and render billions of agriculturists jobless.

Rejecting the government argument that the Pakistani products would get India’s vast market, he said that Pakistan’s farm products could not compete with those of India unless the Pakistan government offered subsidies to the land owners as was the case in India. He said the Indian government was giving huge subsidy to the agriculture sector. Electricity was supplied to Indian farmers on half rate while fertilizer, pesticides, farm machinery and other farm inputs were made available on nominal rates due to which the cost of farm produce in India was below 50 per cent as compared to Pakistan the Indian agricultural products were much cheaper than those of Pakistan.

On the other hand, in Pakistan, all the subsidies provided to the agriculturists in the past had been withdrawn and instead, different taxes had been levied on the inputs. The high electricity tariff and load shedding added to the worries of the growers. De to these factors, the agricultural products in Pakistan were much costlier as compared to India. Therefore, if vegetables and other farm products were imported from India, they would be much cheaper and this would ruin the country’s agriculture.


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