”To ensure un-interrupted economic activities – a rational national policy should be announced for annual holidays”

''To ensure un-interrupted economic activities - a rational national policy should be announced for annual holidays'' | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – The government should announce a rational national policy about holidays. Every political government has been increasing the number of holidays to gain political mileage while the political strikes also cause the crippling effect on the economy.

This was stated by Mr. Zakaria Usman, President FPCCI. He further said that we all must work six days in a calendar week with hectic schedules to ensure progress, adding that businessmen, importers and exporters are feeling the pinch of the inordinate delay in decisions.

The President FPCCI while giving his comments on the rationalization of gazetted holidays has said that the large number of holidays being experiential in Pakistan whether on Federal or Provincial level, are hampering the economic, commercial and industrial activities of the country. The whole country goes on shut down for three to four days on the occasion of Eids holidays thus badly affecting the production and export shipment schedules. Our competitors take the advantage of our absence in the international markets and penetrate our targeted market.

Mr. Ismail Sattar, Vice President FPCCI also endorsed the views of the President and said that the in fact the beaurucracy plays a significant role in designing the schedule of annual holiday. They oftenly seek to take advantage of gazetted or weekly holiday in between normal working days so that they can enjoy a good number of holidays. But these deliberately designed long spell of holidays prove to be quite dangerous for the economy of the country, which is already suffering due to many inside and outside factors.

The FPCCI Chief urged the government to rationalize the number of holidays, in consultation with the business community, which may be restricted to be observed only on genuine occasions. Similarly the Provinces should also adopt some criteria to announce the holidays, in order to make sure the prior knowledge of the same for making due adjustments and to save the business activities to sustain un-necessary losses. The political parties should refrain from calling undue public and transport strikes which causes financial losses to the national economy.


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