Political Conflict: Lyarians witness heavy bloodshed

Political Conflict: Lyarians witnessed heavy bloodshed | PakistanTribeKARACHI – Lyarians have witnessed heavy bloodshed in the area due to the tug of war among the political parties.

Lyari has a history of gang wars, clashes between drug pushers, and clashes between criminal groups. Today, one of the oldest areas of the city is allegedly facing a war of occupation by the Pakistan People Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

The major political parties of the city and mafias eye Lyari, as 75 percent of the total revenue of the city is contributing to the national kitty is being generated from the areas surrounding Lyari.

The recent conflict and clashes between the two groups of Lyari, are being supported by the political parties of the Sindh. The areas are considered as hot cake for the political groups and mafias indulged in Bhatta (extortion) collection and every group tries to further and cement its influence over the areas and want to be the sole operator to get maximum money.

Political parties made divisions in banned Lyari Aman Committe LAC.

After the recent operation in the city, Baba Ladla, a gang lord of Lyari, took support of MQM and declared his home as the unit office of the said party.

After his announcement, the area was filled by the posters, banners and flags of the above mentioned party. Then situation took a new turn and PPP supported the rival group of Baba just to grip the area. The tug of war among the political parties claimed lives of hundreds of people in the area.

According to sources, the inter-party dispute in people’s party that led to the police action in Lyari started in early 2012, when Owais Muzaffar alias Tappi, a close relative of ex-president of Pakistan, Asif Zardari, who is said to be the de-facto chief minister of Sindh, and Uzair Baloch, head of banned Liyari Amman Committee (LAC) developed serious difference.

Owais Muzafar alias Tappi wanted to contest next general elections from Lyari and Uzair has also of late developed political ambitions and also wanted to jump into electoral politics, which led them to be at daggers drawn.

Tappi wanted the PAC to dance to his tune so that he would take all major decision concerning Lyari, but the PAC leaders are seemed to be no more interested in acting as puppet of the PPP leadership. Tappi used different tactics which also resulted killings in large numbers.

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