Books vs eBook the Never Ending Battle

Books vs eBook the Never Ending Battle | PakistanTribeBooks have always been an integral part of any society and likewise they are a very important part of ours as wells.

Ranging from school textbooks, to dictionaries or just novels, they are always there for us to relay on, but as time changes so does everything else. And so with our changing times we see a slow transition from book to eBooks.

With the technological advances that are there today, we see that the literary world is too becoming digital in the form of eBooks.

E­books or rather electronic books are books that can be read on a computer, tablet, on your phone but the most popular reading device the eBook readers. Now as always there has been much speculation on which is better, that argument is won almost always with the same answer: the book.

The book as compared to an eBook is always better, starting with the feel of the pages in your hands, nothing else compares surely not the swiping of the pages with the pad of your finger in a reader.

Than there is that you have an actual substance instead of file that can easily be lost when your computer isn’t working.

But that is not the question we should be asking, we be asking which is more convenient?

Now that, that can help us in our plight. If we ask for convenience than the winner without a shred of a doubt is the Reader, here are some of the reasons why: well simply put it is far too easy to transfer and use books. with an e­reader we have thousands of books that we can take anywhere! That doesn’t sound like much to some, but it is. Students especially are able to just have an e­reader instead of carrying around hauling around unwanted baggage.

electronic-book-readerBesides the ease of access and portability, eBooks are much cheaper as compared to any hardback or paperback out in the market. That means that we can have more books in the same amount of money. Yes there is the fact of quality over quantity but in this case we have both. Some E­books are free. The magnificent work of Project Gutenberg, and other online public libraries, allow readers to read the classics at no cost.

But perhaps the most important thing the eBooks and thus the e­readers help achieve is saving the environment, no matter how much we ignore it, the cutting of trees is in fact a major problem and eBooks offer a simple solution.

So if we were to ask which is more convenient than we see that eBooks defeats books with a landslide. So although the argument may never end, you can see which one you want.

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Anoushey Khan

Anoushey Khan is a student along with an avid reader and a compulsive writer. Books are her passion from Aristotle to J.K. Rowling and she wants to spread that love and devotion to everyone in Pakistan.

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