“MH-370; Had it happened in Pakistan”

"MH-370; Had it happened in Pakistan" | PakistanTribe

It’s more than a week now and there is no concrete information about the fate of flight no. MH-370. It was Boeing 777 series aircraft carrying 229 passengers and 12 crew members. I have all the sympathy for the affected ones, especially for the family members of the passengers who are still clinging to hope in this dire situation. I pray for some miracle to happen and all the passengers and crew members join their family members back.

Current scenario regarding this aircraft is a perfect situation for rumors to prosper, flourish and reproduce. Different views are pouring in from round the world. Aviation experts, strategic advisors, search operation professionals, etc. are trying their level best to solve this mystery. I was just thinking if such situation happened inside Pakistan, what would have been the popular opinions. Following is my guess.

1-      Only-pray-do-nothing

This might be the most popular opinion in rural areas. People were told that there is nothing one can do against the fate and we should be content with it. Govt. agencies have tried for a week and they have failed to find anyone so there is a very little chance of somebody to get alive out of this accident. If somebody has more days to live as per his fate, he will make it by himself and there is no need to put extra efforts to find the passengers. Just keep praying and you will see that plane floating on the surface on the sea, some day.

2-       This-is-because-of-our-Aa’maal

We are the worst people in the world; we are not true to anyone, anybody at anytime; we cheat; we lie; we don’t respect elders; we don’t take care of children; and the list goes on. There is no need to point fingers to the airline or Civil Aviation Authority or the Govt., we, the people, are responsible for this tragedy. It’s our fault; we made it happen because we are not following the teachings of Islam. How many of us offered Fajr prayer the day when Aircraft goes missing? Look at the West, they are following Islamic Teaching more than us and that’s why they don’t have such problems. They don’t cheat; they don’t lie; and for these simple reasons, there planes are more safe than our homes. You know what; my uncle lives in XYZ country (read: UK, USA, etc.) and …

3-      The-Liberal-Extremist

Aircraft went missing around 1330 hrs and pilot has a beard. One member of a cabin crew was active member of some Islamic group during his university days. Hmm, that sounds simple, actually. 1330 is dhuhur time and pilot might have gone for prayer leaving the aircraft unattended and that’s why the aircraft went missing. These religious people just can’t keep their religion to themselves. All the pilots in all the airlines having even a little bit of inclination towards Islam have to be fired right away otherwise they will take our country back to Stone Age. If USA can help in this, we would love to welcome her. All the NGO’s are invited to participate in the Facebook Protest as it is too hot out there these days. The protest will also be posted on Karachi Press Club Facebook page. In addition to this phenomenal activity, we will take this country by storm through twitter. We will go to every extreme we can to save our country from these species of Dark Age.

4-      The-Conspiracy-Believer

Hmm, flight no. MH-370. “M” is the 13th alphabet and number 13 has special importance for illuminati. “H” follows “I” (read: eye) in alphabetical order and whenever there is an “eye”, you can be sure of something related to paganism.  Subtract 3 from 7 and you get 4; surprisingly “H” and “M” are parted by 4 alphabets in alphabetical order. Such a pattern can’t be a coincidence; it has to do something with something that I am not sure of, but something is really going on behind all this. Did you notice that flight was exactly “4” minutes late during departure?

PS: I totally respect the feelings of the family members of the victims. May heavens have smiles for them.

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