Sartaj Aziz confirms selling of weapons to Saudi Arabia

ISLAMABAD – Sartaj Aziz, the adviser to Prime Minister of foreign affairs, admitted on the floor of the Senate that Saudia Arabia had purchased weapons from Pakistan.

Sartaj Aziz

Sartaj Aziz was giving a briefing to the Senate’s standing committee on foreign affairs on Monday when he admitted the fact that Saudi authorities purchased the weapons from Pakistan, however, the kingdom would not use these weapons against any other state.

Aziz also explained that recent mysterious grant of $ 1.5 billion by the kingdom was merely a ‘gift for the people of Pakistan’. “The grant given by Saudi Arabia is unconditional and in return Pakistan is not supposed to give anything to the kingdom,” he added.

He also declined any possibility of sending Pakistani troops to Syria or selling weapons to Syrian rebels who were fighting against Syrian government.

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