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What do you value? | PakistanTribeHow do you define the value of something you buy? Value takes on different meanings for different people, but all too often the focus of ‘value’ is upon the amount of money something costs.

While cost is an important part of the equation, we also need to consider the benefits of a purchase too.

Working out the value of a tablet purchase is no exception and is a decision many people across Asia are making right now. Supporting this, research from Intel projects a compound annual growth rate of 38 per cent (2013 – 2017) in the tablet market. The same research shows that one in every five people surveyed from South-East Asia is planning to buy a tablet, rising to half of those in Taiwan willing to take the step. There’s no denying that the demand is there.

 But with a huge variety of devices offering many different features and benefits at a multitude of different prices, how do you work out which device will provide you the most value? To do this, you should not only consider cost, but work out the benefits of the tablet, which can be done by understanding how you will use it.

 How will I use my tablet?

Often thought of as simply as a browsing device, tablets have become increasingly sophisticated and are being used in many different ways, complementing existing devices you may own. Research from BI Insider found that two thirds of users are primarily using tablets for gaming, one in ten of us stay connected via social networks, and nine per cent adopt the devices for their entertainment capabilities. Backing this up, research from Intel has found that tablets are easy to carry around, great for accessing applications quickly and easily, to watch movies and read, as well as keeping in touch with friends.

 In a business context, having access to a tablet device empowers a small business owner to remotely connect to their work network as they travel between business meetings. It can also be used to impress future business clients by running engaging and interactive presentations.

 For teachers, students or parents, a tablet’s value to education is being widely recognized by educators and governments. In fact, such is the potential for tablets in learning; Intel recently launched its ownEducation Tablet designed specifically for students and built to meet their individual needs.

 How does this affect my purchasing decision?

However, there is a well-known saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ and this also applies to tablet device purchase too. While there are countless low-cost devices on the market, will they meet your everyday needs? It can be tempting to choose a low-cost tablet if you already have a number of other devices, but Intel’s research shows that performance is big factor[4]– thus, caring about what’s inside your device is just as, if not more important than how it looks on the outside too.

 If you want to guarantee that your investment into a tablet is well-made, then it pays to prioritize features such as performance, battery life and choice of operating systems into your decision-making – and that means ensuring that your tablet device has a powerful processor to meet your needs.

 So what features do you need to look out for to meet those needs? We believe there are five critical factors that help you get the most value from your device purchase:

1.      Battery Life– Ensure you are equipped with a device well placed to withstand whatever demands you place on it throughout the day – particularly if you need to be always connected and able to work on the go.

2.      Performance – Having a device with a powerful processor that can move swiftly between applications, without lagging, will allow you get most out of your day and get more done quickly.

3.      Superior Graphics –If you plan to watch videos online, catch your favorite TV show on your way to work or with a friend or family member on the couch at home, you’ll need to choose a device with superior graphics that will be able to process video without lagging or buffering.

4.      Web Browsing– Making this a key factor in your decision will ensure you select a device that can surf the web at lightning fast speed, instead of being restricted by a slow, unresponsive online experience.

5.      Trusted Brands– Choosing a device from a brand you recognize and trust will give you peace of mind knowing that your investment in the technology has been well made.

 Making these five factors central to your selection process will ensure you have a tablet best-suited to your needs, can withstand the demands you place on it, and give you a great experience – no matter what you chose to use it for. Taking this approach will mean that every rupee you spend gives you the benefits you want from a tablet, which ultimately will increase its true value to you.

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Naveed Siraj is the Country Manager for Intel Pakistan.

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