Four Ways to Boost Your WiFi Signals and to Speed Up Internet

WiFi-Signal-BoostWith browsing on your laptop, smartphone or tablet is now common in home, its irritating to see WiFi signals and internet get down.

Try to dig out these things to resolve slow internet speed and weak WiFi signals.

1. Internet Speed Test

The most simple thing to find out whether there is really a problem in internet or not is to make an Internet Speed Test.

A big site for internet speed test is SpeedTest.

Try to close down your other tabs to get the real benchmark of the speed.  Now check the wireless network speed and compare the two numbers.

If both are same then the problem is not signals, but your Internet Service Provider like PTCL Evo Wingle in most cases.

2. Router Upgradation or Updating 

Check if you are using 802.11b or 802.11g model, then problem could be here for weak signals of WiFi. Try to replace it with 802.11n, the upgraded model. You, yourself, will feel the big difference both in speed and range.

In case, you are using wireless N router, updating could be enough to increase your network speed and security. 

3. Catch The Real Internet User

If speed is low for a longer time, try to have a quick survey in your home. In most cases, one of a family user is engaged in viewing online streaming, playing video game or even watching heavy videos on his device via WiFi. They all suck the speed of your net.

Simply removing this ‘online eating’ your WiFi speed gets a boost. 

4. Wireless Extender

In any case, if none of above works, then you need a wireless extender to boost WiFi signals.

It is because your house may be too big to cover the whole area. You could read the details in a post PakistanTribe has already published on the topic. 

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