‘PTI ministers are involved in KPK health care corruption’

ISLAMABAD – The corruption charges over Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have been leveled for the second time in less than a week and this time it is about the involvement of as many as ten provincial ministers in alleged corruption and misuse of funds in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KPK)’s healthcare programme named as Sehat ka Insaf.

PTI KPK government reshuffling

This time the allegations were leveled by Senator Zahid Khan of Awami National Party (ANP) while speaking to a private television channel.

Zahid’s allegations were also supported by one of PTI’s die-heard Ahmad Jawad who left the party over many issues, One of those included that party leaders were involved in corruption and making money out of polio campaign in KPK.

Only a week ago, Ahmad Jawad sent an open email to PTI’s chairman Imran Khan in which he pointed out many flaws in the party. However, it is very interesting that now ANP’s leader is leveling somewhat similar allegations against PTI’s provincial ministers.

Senator Zahid went along and said “PTI ministers had previously made leaders of Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) escape goats to hide their own corruption. The QWP representatives were not involved in any corruption; however, the PTI ministers were real culprits in this regard.”

Below is the copy of Ahmad Jawad’s open email to Imran Khan.

Dear Khan sb,

I don’t have to explain ” What is an Institution” as your are the biggest supporter of making and developing institutions. Being supporter of institution may not be enough if we ourselves don’t follow the institutional values. SG/Naeem Ul Haq notification to stop elections in all overseas chapters on your behalf is an unconstitutional move for very simple reasons:

1. PTI constitution assigns the responsibility of overseas chapters to Secy Intl Chapters and who in turn appoints members of OIC to run the affairs on various regions of the world. At no stage, Secy Intl chapter has been consulted by you, SG or Naeem sb before issuing this notification. That is why its a simple case of dictatorship and void of institutional value of which you are a big supporter. You will be denying the very basic values of an institution. I am sure your close advisers must not have given you this background and rather created a doomsday scenario of overseas chapters. I have to say and I can prove it with evidence that SG is personally biased against Secy Intl chapters and OIC. Under such circumstances, as a leader, its your duty to listen to the other side of story and at least consult before passing such instructions.

2. Have your team of advisers inform you that paying membership is in full swing in UK, France, Italy, Japan, Finland, Spain after the announcement of elections in these countries. Did PTI deceive its overseas Pakistanis by committing elections and taking money under paying membership? The amount collected under paying membership is going to be more than 10 Million after completing this process in next month. Should we return this money to members? otherwise they have the right to go to local courts in their countries to apply for a fraud case against PTI (Official notification on Insaf.pk) taking millions of rupees with the promise of elections. Are you aware of these consequences? of course you are not aware, since you have not followed the institutional values in this particular case. Plz accept this error of judgment and retrieve the notification. You mention Islamic values and mention Hazrat Umar, so what is the big deal in accepting an error of judgment and apply correction once advised by your own team(I am still your team).

3. Nadeem Yousaf has announced in Italy that Chairman has accepted his proposal of postponing elections and he feels victorious, I will forward you the news clip. I have an idea, why don’t you appoint Nadeem Yousaf as Secy Intl Chapters and Mian Tariq Javed as his team to replace Dr Humayun. After all we have already set the tradition of selecting officials starting from SG and President of KPK rather than  your own brain child of having elected people through elections. What is the need of re structuring of OIC? Just appoint people or ask JKT or Naeem Ul Haq sb to perform this duty.Why not inform Dr Humayun that how you feel about his abilities? why to use his time which is money for every minute his spends for PTI? why to allow him get insulted for your close friends and even abused? why not to tell me not to spend my time for PTI as you have better people now? you asked me to trust you as you are in politics for 17 years, is this the criteria of trust? people are in politics for the entire life, they cannot be trusted.

4. You claim that you analyze your decision every day before going to sleep and improve upon them. Did you ever think that right after the announcement of intra party elections, who were the people who advised you to dissolve existing organization to ensure transparency, do you realize with this decision your party remained without organization structure for nearly one year and elected organization only came 6 weeks before general elections costing us not just election, the cost of shattering of hope and dreams of people of Pakistan which they connected with you. You failed your nation with these decisions, you shattered their dreams with your decisions, did you ever who were the advisers? Did you ever think that going to elections without elections reforms was a blunder, which you accepted in your first speech in parliament, I can provide you my email predicting similar scenario 5 months before elections, I still have the email. At least i can say that my judgment was not so poor as it is considered by you. who were the advisers who prompted you for such decisions? you appointed a more than 60 years old Pervez khattak as your chief minister, you promised nation new leadership, was this your idea of new leadership, a person with the history of 3 different parties and symbol of traditional politics and he is leading us to Naya Pakistan, who were the advisers for this option? Are you not aware how they blackmailed you to bring JKT as SG before PK agrees to leave SG position? Is it not the same people who are advising you against OIC? Is it not the same people who advised you to stop announced elections in international chapters? Are you not aware the profits made by our leadership in polio campaign? are you not aware that how the list of women seats was signed by you? and who got it signed? you claimed in general elections that PML N can do as much rigging as they want but we will still win it, what was it? you repeat the same dialogue in Jung elections and you again lose it, Faisal Saleh Hayat could not make you win. Did you not claim that Swat operation will be a big disaster and Govt and Military will not be able to control the outcome, you were the only politician opposing swat operation. At that time, people were hanged in the centre of swat city by Taliban, today we are having Skiing Festival in Swat. Were you not wrong in your assessment? I will wait for time to decide whether your Taliban policy is right or wrong. Plz do tell us that how you analyses your mistakes and how you accept your mistakes? are you not aware why and how people like adnan Randhawa resign from its position? Last time he resigned from foreign service against the release of Reymond Davis and this time he resigned against your unconstitutional moves, there are few people who have such courage but there is probably no space for such people, PTI needs now people like Faysal Saleh Hayat more than people like Adnan Randhawa because PTI has now learnt the art of politics and forgotten the dream of Naya Pakistan.

5. I will fight against this unconstitutional move  through every possible path of justice whether it is CAD, or other means of pursuing justice. I learnt determination, sincerity of purpose, vision, leadership from you and perhaps I have to use these qualities to seek justice against your unconstitutional moves. I lived a life idolizing you, following you, teaming with you, participating and contributing at every step of your dreams whether it is SKMH, NUML, Earthquake campaign, PTI with my money and precious time of my life sacrificing my family and business but I am satisfied that I learnt a lot and today I can follow the dream of Aik Naya Pakistan even without you, if you wish to ignore my bitter but true feelings. Unfortunately I could never learn to offer sweetness of hyporacy. You also once believed in these qualities but now you have become a politician and you consider such people void of judgment and ability.

In the last, see below email of Dr hammad Cheema who is predicting disaster for UK elections after your notification of stopping elections. It is just one email out of hundreds of emails I received since yesterday. Only you can stop this disaster and I am sure your ego will not stop you from doing this.

I am also available to meet you and explain my thoughts but obviously there is your discretion.

best regards

Ahmad Jawad

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