5 Tips to Maintain Weight for women above 40

weight-loss tips for womenHealth and fitness is a great problem for women especially for those who are more than 40 years. There are some tips which are helpful for all these women.

Regular exercise:

Exercise daily to maintain your metabolism and remain active. After 40, be sure you work out at least five times every week without fail and resist the urge to make excuses for yourself. Invest in some DVDs or exercise equipment for the home for times when it’s difficult to get out to the gym. This will give you less of a chance to miss a workout during the week.


As we know metabolism goes down after 40 years, After 40, be sure you do Aerobics work out at least five times every week without fail and resist the urge to make excuses for yourself. 

Use of proteinious food:

To keep weight less, you must use food having protein and avoid fatty goods. Be sure you opt for lean choices so you don’t pack on the pounds with fatty cuts of meat; choose chicken, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, and other low-fat options after 40. For vegetarians and vegans, protein can also be found in leafy greens, mushrooms, beans and legumes, soy products, peanuts, and almond milk.

Resistance training is needed:

Simple resistance training like arm curls, leg curls, bench presses, and added resistance on the exercise bike or elliptical machine will help to build those muscles and keep joints healthy and fluid as well. Resistance training is also shown to build bone mass, so a woman has less risk of osteoporosis if she lifts weights as she gets older.

Your calories may need to decrease:

In this age it is difficult to reduce calories so avoid fatty food. Forego adding sugar to your morning coffee or tea. If you must have a sweetener, reduce the amount you use by half, then by half again until you’re using just a small amount, if any.

Switch from dairy milk to soy or almond milk. Skim milk has 120 calories per cup, whereas soy and almond milk may have 80 or 60 calories per cup, and unsweetened almond milk has 30 calories per cup. This simple switch can save you hundreds of calories every week and be a much healthier option

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